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[Mr Sabin Bhandari comes from the Bhandari family of Dhurkot, Gulmi (Nepal), who was born to Mr Basanta Bhandari and Maya Bhandari some 29 years ago. Sabin migrated to the UK about 7 years ago and lives in Reading. Sabin is married to Keshana and both of whom work as bank managers. On behalf of, Trilochan Gautam spoke to him in order to highlight and share his achievement which is regarded as an inspiration to the community and to the youths of today.]


Trilochan: How’re you today Sabin?Sabin: I am fine, thank you Mr Gautam.

Trilochan: How has been everything, typically a migrant’s life to this country?

Sabin: I’ve got used to much of the culture and life values now while it was a bit of challenge at those earlier days. It’s normally strange at first and later, gradually we get used to the society and community we live in.

Trilochan: As known you have been working at banking sector, how long it has been, and your role is a branch manager if I am right?

Sabin: Yes, I started my career as a cashier at HSBC bank here in UK. And after about three and a half years, I was successful up in managerial role. Now I manage a branch of this bank.

Trilochan: You were brought up and educated back in Nepal. What contributed you to take up such a responsible role?

Sabin: I’ve always wanted to work in banking sector since my childhood. In addition, my aspirations during my higher education, a good education, support from my family, dedication and hard work are the reasons for me reach this goal.

Trilochan: At a relatively young age you have taken relatively challenging role of a branch manager at a bank. How do you take it?    

Sabin: I was 27 when I took the managerial position. It was overwhelming to achieve my first step towards management in an international bank but challenging at the same time. In a way I was representing the whole Nepalese community, so there was a pressure of providing justice to the role which I believe I have handled very well.

Trilochan: How compatible has your learning and experience in the professional area been to the work you are doing now? Like language, cultural norms which can sometimes be challenging.

Sabin: Education these days has certain level of global influence. There are a number of very good colleges and other academic institutions in Nepal. A good education there provided me an adequate insight not only to cope with the new social and business environment but also, I believe, to go extra mile. As such, I have performed high at my duty. Following some training, I have been able to refine my skill and knowledge which has enhanced my confidence to lead such an institution.

Trilochan: What type of general challenges do you face and what is that you enjoy most working as a manager?

Sabin: Without even realizing you are changing people’s lives based on the decisions you make and these decisions cannot be biased. Every day is different and you get to learn something new which adds value to your experience. Being a people person, I enjoy being with my team and helping my customers with their everyday finances. It’s a matter of pride to think that my decisions are changing people’s lives!

Trilochan: You might have worked or at least gained some experience in Nepal where you were brought up and gained core education. What differences can you point out, if any, in line to consumers, business and professional norms in these two nations?

Sabin: To provide a glimpse, banking here is very different than in Nepal. While UK is digitally advanced in banking, you see more of the self-service machines than people in branch. Customer service is a key thing in here. Consumer is at the heart of everything you do here. Work ethics is very strong. Hard work will always help you rise and shine in this country. You see customers from all over the world and you always learn something with them every day. A cup of tea/coffee is most throughout the day.

Trilochan: In a few clear-cut words, how could you say the overall banking system may have influences to both the financial ability and mobility of people in a developing country such as Nepal compared to a developed one?

Sabin: As in most of the developing nations, Nepal still has a room to improve the banking and financial system in line to ensure consumer confidence. Rules and regulations are sometimes influenced by the ruling parties and governments. Policies are less often consistent and stable. This means it is likely that often the most advantaged are winning the share. Whereas, in a developed nation like UK, this is the other way round. Regulations and policies are customer centred and more consistent and stable. Financial regulators are fairer and more independent. Transparent and far-sighted saving and investment system has contributed to a higher financial mobility, and consumer confidence is high in this country where financial security system is also relatively highly robust.

Trilochan: Interestingly, you indicated that your wife too is a bank manager. What a co-incidence, and how do you take it by the way?

Sabin: Yes, my wife Keshana has recently been promoted to a manager position. The fact that she is very independent and self motivated lady has inspired me too. Interestingly, she was the one who moved to the UK with her dream to work at bank and encouraged me to follow her dreams as well. Just like me, she has her degree from Nepal. I feel really proud to see her achieve her dreams with hard working and the ‘CAN DO’ attitude. The thing that makes me more happier is we are growing together always to achieve higher!

Trilochan: Your future perspectives? And your advice to a youth particularly who may wish to rise to such significance?

Sabin: I always work hard to foster higher and determined to achieve highest goals. It would be worthwhile to share my view with any youths to say them – follow your dreams, never give up hope and keep on working on it. Success will follow you .With hard work and determination, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. The opportunities are always there, it’s all about how you recognize them.

Trilochan: Well done you inspiring couple and many thanks Sabin!


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