Nine year old girl sings a heart touching song!


7 March 2020

Ms. Ananya Nepal, 9-year-old, from Harrow, London, beautifully sings a Nepali song “Samala Afoo Lai”.

Ms. Nepal is a Nepali origin talented girl currently studying in Year 5 at Longfield Primary School, Harrow, London. She is a keen singer who has so far posted nearly 20 songs (English and Nepali) in her YouTube channel (could be searched ‘Ananya Nepal’). Ananya is not only a singer but also a keen athlete having taken part in a triathlon and other running events. Amazingly, she has completed 70 park runs (5km run among many Saturdays) so far. This song posted herein is asking humans to open our minds and heart to the wider world and nature. It asks us to have a king thought of everyone as a large family, and share the love. It also warns us our selfishness may lead to dire future consequences.

It is highly appreciated and a true example of pride that Ananya has managed to carry on producing such songs in Nepali. Not only singing but also scriptwriting is done by herself which has been possible as a result of parental and community learning plans. Of course, a true inspiration to other thriving little ones!

The Youtube link is as below

तपाइको प्रतिक्रिया (Facebook )

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