Pursuing Dream: An Astounding Journey of Sabita Pun

By Trilochan Gautam

When Mrs. Sabita Pun came to the UK from Nepal at the age of 20 in 2007, she was unsure of the position she would be holding at the NHS today. Sabita now 34, works as an Advance Clinical Practitioner (Band 8) at the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Trust, Reading (UK). 

As I realized she has a story worth telling, I arranged an opportunity to have a conversation. Sabita comes from a respectable Pun family of Butawal, Nepal.  She lives in Reading with her husband Prakash Ale and son Ujwal Ale. She is a pet lover and lovingly calls the dog she has kept for six years, ‘Burno Pun’, giving it her surname as her own child!

With an aim to be a medical doctor, Sabita started further education in Nepal with Science. But migrating to the UK added a challenge to continue. Sabita says, “Due to financial constraints and family commitments, there were obstacles to continue my studies at higher education here in the UK. This is why, I chose an alternative pathway by working as an HCA, where I had excellent opportunities to familiarise with the multi-disciplinary healthcare team and patient care”.  

With her exceptional talent, Sabita however obtained a prompt progression. She says, ‘I started as a Health Care Assistant in 2007. I then did NVQ level 3 in healthcare from a UK University. Amazingly I was rewarded with the secondment (scholarship for BSc nursing). I passed this with 1st class honour from the University of West London. As a result, I was qualified as an Adult Registered Nurse and was thus, promoted to Senior Staff Nurse in 2015. Further then, worked as A&E Sister through to the current position – ‘Advance Clinical Practitioner’ (Band 8), under Royal College of Emergency Medicine, since 2019’.  

As an untiring, passionate and hard-working professional, Sabita further carried out with a number of Masters pathway courses (level 7) relevant to her field, including immediate life support (ILS) instructor. Supremely, she has recently achieved ‘MSc in Advance Practice’ from a UK university. 

Noting the reality of hard days taking both work and study together, Sabita says she experienced varying challenges such as, adapting to the new societal and work environments, and financial and family commitments as a young woman who had come from abroad. However, she is glad that her decisions and choices have led her to success.  

Hence, complementing an inspiring story Sabita further says, “With hard work, passion and commitment, I completed my Nursing course and pursued nursing career. Being a full-time worker along with family commitment was not an easy or simple journey, I faced many challenges, obstacles, and difficulties but I never gave up pursuing my dream. Instead, I embraced those difficult moments in a positive way and stayed focused. Luckily, my family have been very supportive throughout”. 

She further recalls, “I remember the beginning days working as an HCA and, now, I have been able to achieve the current role, equivalent to a doctor (SHO level), where I assess and make a clinical decision – my dream has come true! Once I qualify as ACP next year, it will be a registrar level”. 

A jubilant Sabita shares her happiness, “It’s pleasing to know my family here and abroad and other associates are so proud of me! I am also so contented that I am serving those who need the care to live a life. I must be grateful to the employer and all the helping hands!”.

Adding ambition, Sabita says that her further dream is to become a lead ACP consultant, so she has planned to study PhD from next year at the University of West London. 

It sounds so nice to appreciate Sabita’s ideal story that ambition and target plans are there to weave and, with tolerance, commitment, confidence and perseverance, any of us potential candidates can achieve our goals! It would be worth noting what Sabita reiterates “Never give up your plan and stay positive no matter how hard times maybe, this will definitely pay off”.  

On behalf of londonkathmandu.com we would like to wish Sabita the best!


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