By: Amogh Bhattarai 

[Amogh is an eight years old boy who lives in Reading, UK. He loves to read books, travel, park-run, set lego, play sports and writes stories and travel diaries. Here we present a story that he wrote on his own.]

Once upon a time, there was a retired professor called Hubert Farnsworth. One day, he was having his breakfast when he saw lots of kitchen items whizzing all over the place. First it was the cake spatula, then the forks and soon the mysterious pull had managed to pick up the fridge! He was bewildered. When he looked out of the window, he saw something that was shooting towards him at the speed of light – something that looked like a person.

Eventually, the stranger had landed on the floor and started brushing of the dust on his dangerous-looking armour. The professor couldn’t handle it. He scurried to the phone, wanting to call the police. When he had just typed 9-9 the stranger shouted – “STOP!” in a deep tone.

“Don’t, I can handle it,” he said. With a snap of his fingers, he made the strong pull stop. However, when the stranger was getting ready to fly, the professor saw a kitchen knife flying toward his face. “AAAH!!!!” the professor screamed, “I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!” although he was 67 years old.

To his upmost surprise, the knife passed through him, not harming him at all. After a few minutes of pondering, the professor realized everything was a hologram! Everything that had happened in the last hour or so, was fake!  “That fraud!” thought the professor.

At lunchtime a portal opened. The professor wasn’t that surprised because of what happened that morning. This time he tried to brave and went in. Inside he saw people designing holograms in a huge labyrinth. Then, he could see the stranger sitting in a throne ordering people about. Next to him was an old, worn-out table with an ancient, dusty spell-book. He grabbed it and ran back in the portal. He opened the book. The first spell was about banishing people to cursed realms. The professor decided to do that to the stranger. He shouted the magic words – “SHIM SALA BIN OY OY SALAMANDER SHAKI BOONGA”, and the stranger could not create his illusions again.

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