Yorkshire 3 Peaks Holiday

By Amogh Bhattarai

[Amogh is eight years old. He lives in Reading, UK. Here we present very interesting three-day diary he wrote during the Yorkshire Three Peaks Holiday. Yorkshire Three Peaks are situated in the Yorkshire Dales and the challenge consists of climbing the three summits. Apart from these three peaks, Amogh last year climbed all three tallest peaks of the UK – Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis. He is so adventurous who also does park run regularly reaching 63 times so far!]

Setting out from home:

Before my holiday began, I woke up at 9:00 and went downstairs. I was quite disappointed to find out that we had to wait until dad came home from work. I watched TV and picked out my clothes for Neil’s birthday party. After that, Mom went to the shop to buy juanu and I made the logo for Aadya’s cake business. After 2 hours, dad came from work and packed the car. It was very comfy. But it was quite stressful as the cake was balancing on a hiking bag. Finally, we arrived at Neil’s house. We showed him the cake and he loved it. Then he showed me the new cricket set he got. Next, I got called to eat. Then Krit’s family came. We went to Roxbourne Park and played 4 games of cricket where our team won 2 games and the others won 2 too. When we got back, we ate maam (rice). After that, we cut the cake. It was so yummy!!! Next, everybody started leaving. We laid the mattresses out and fell asleep.

                                                          Holiday DAY 1:            

First we woke up at 5:00 and got in our cars. We drove around 5 hours to our stopover place which was in a woodland called Cannock Chase. There, we did park run. I did it in 30.03 minutes. The children were very tired so they ran slowly. We sat down and ate sandwiches. I gave my Rubik’s cube to Gyanu because Aadya muddled it up during the car ride. After 3 hours, finally, we arrived at the campsite. I played football with Neil, Gyanu and Krit while the tents were being set up. I spent some time help make the tents. In the afternoon we got ready and wore our shoes. We decided to climb the first peak Pen-y-ghent which was the smallest mountain out of the three, 694 metres tall. On the way we stopped for many snack breaks. The total walk was 10km (5km up 5km down). Near the top it was scary because it looked like you would fall off the peak. On the way down, we decided to take a detour to a collapsed cavern 18 metres deep which was called Hulls pot. We took photos and carried on. If you looked on the side of the immense drop you could see a miniature waterfall. When we got down, we went in Baibhav’s tent and had pharsi maam (pumpkin curry & rice) for dinner. After that, we started getting complaints about the noise from parents so we slept.

                                                          Holiday DAY 2:

We woke up at 8:00 and everyone got dressed and had breakfast, ready to climb the second peak. We had weetabix and hot chocolate for breakfast. This time, to climb the mountain we left earlier than yesterday. This time we were climbing the peak Ingleborough which is 732 metres tall. All 20 of us wore Nepal t-shirts. The annoying thing was that we had to walk around 2 other irrelevant mountains in order to climb it. The walk was very tiring and maybe the trickiest. As we hadn’t recovered from Pen-y–ghent we took more rests and snack breaks. Whenever we sat down, we had to check if there was sheep poo as there was a lot of sheep. 

Halfway up the mountain, we stopped on a nice, flat ridge and ate wraps. Higher up, me and Baibhav looked in a small pond for tadpoles. Next, we climbed a complicated ridge leading to the top. Finally, we reached the top itself. While walking to the monument, all the boys went and made statues and other things from rock. At the top we made a cave from rocks. It was so cool. Coming down, my foot kept on twisting very badly on the rocky, stone path. When we got back to the campsite we played in the stream near our tents. We built a dam and put minnows in it. Sadly, we didn’t finish making it as we had to go back to shower. When we returned all the kids played mafia and ate leftover cake, chana and poori. Then we slept.

                                                                    Holiday DAY 3:

First we woke up and had hot chocolate. We got changed and went in the car. We were ready to climb the third and final peak. This time, we drove to an awesome viaduct and there, we began Whernside, the third peak. Out of all the mountains, that one was the tallest 736 metres. In my opinion, this was probably the most boring mountain because the path was monotonous and the weather was boiling. I had an idea that if I went to the front and ran in front ahead of the sun to a shady part I would cool down. Guess what? It worked! 

We did not sit down much so we arrived at the top much quicker than I expected. Coming down, we decided to have barbeque for dinner. When we arrived back at the Viaduct, I saw everybody hiding to scare me. We saw a long piece of wood and uncle Hari broke it into pieces for the barbeque. On the way to the campsite, I went in uncle Ishwar’s car. When we returned to the campsite, we played penalty shootouts. Then, all the mums came from shopping and we all had honeycomb, ice cream, pasta, barbeque potato and juice. We played mafia and went to sleep.

                                                                      Holiday DAY 4:

First we woke up and got ready to go to Malham cove. Malham cove is a limestone cliff caused by a glacier crashing down on it.

Now whenever it rains, the grass filters the water, making a very clean waterfall. On the way, the roads were so nice. One road was blocked by a herd of cows. When we arrived, I got stuck on the wrong side and had to use some stepping stones to cross it. After that, we sat on a rock and watched some people rock climbing. Then, we went on a huge staircase before the ridges. Apparently, a scene of Harry Potter was filmed on the magnificent ridges. Then the terrain switched to grass. Next, I saw a huge hill and we all ran down. Then we walked through a campsite with a stream by side. We saw a water leech swimming. We followed the stream and ended up at a waterfall called man-scar. We took loads of photos and walked back. On the way back we saw a beautiful waterfall called Janet’s Foss. It was said to be the home of a little fairy. In the end, we crossed a bridge and walked to the car park. We got in our cars and drove 3 hours to Birmingham temple, where we did aarti. For the prasad it was s spicy maam (rice). We bought a huge laddu and went home all smiling!

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